Today’s Obligatory Trump Post

So Donald Trump won’t name his favorite Bible verse because it is “very personal.” Here’s the video (just 40 seconds long):

Why do I have the suspicion that Trump’s “very personal” favorite verse is probably one of those Old Testament passages about onanism, which would fit him very well?

At least now we know what Trump is hiding under that very big bushel on the top of his head: his Christian faith.

UPDATE: Ken Masugi reminds me that back in 2004, Howard Dean said the Book of Job was his favorite New Testament book of the Bible. From the New York Times:

Dr. Dean recently told an audience in Iowa that he prayed daily. On the plane he declined to detail his prayer ritual but described how a 2002 trip to Israel deepened his understanding of the connections between Judaism and Christianity. He named Job as his favorite New Testament book, then later corrected himself, noting that it is in the Old Testament. . .

The changes come amid concern from several corners about the stridently secular tone of his campaign so far. In contrast to his Democratic opponents, who frequently discuss their faith in public, not to mention the born-again incumbent, President Bush, Dr. Dean said plainly in an interview a couple of months back: ”I don’t think that religion ought to be part of American policy.”

A cover story in The New Republic last month, headlined ”Howard Dean’s religion problem,” called him ”one of the most secular candidates to run for president in modern history,” and suggested this would ”mark him as culturally alien to much of the country.” A rash of columns followed with similar warnings, and voters have begun to inquire about the issue at town hall meetings.

”I’m pretty religious,” he responded the other day in Waterloo, Iowa. ”I pray every day, but I’m from New England, so I just keep it to myself.”


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