Amity Shlaes invites you

Our friend Amity Shlaes is chair of the Calvin Coolidge Presidential Foundation; she writes to invite applications for the foundation’s Coolidge Prize for Journalism. The prize comes with a $20,000 award. The deadline for submission of the application is September 25. The application requires submission of three published articles or published blog posts under 800 words each. The prize is to recognize work embodying the spirit and principles of Coolidge. Drawing on her knowledge of Coolidge and on the art of expressive form, Amity adds: “One of those principles is brevity.”

In short: “Please submit three pieces, each under 800 words, this week. The winner must appear at the Coolidge gala, October 22, in New York City. The jury includes: Wes Mann, Steve Forbes, Peggy Noonan.” Applications can be submitted online via the prize page.


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