How much smokier can a gun get?

Investor’s Business Daily has a media watchers’ angle that leads in to the heart of its editorial on the Clinton email scandal today:

When a scandal involves a Democrat, the mainstream media always insist on a smoking gun before they take it seriously. Well, how about two of them — so far?

Chuck Todd, host of NBC’s “Meet the Press,” said this week that “there is no evidence to suggest that that story doesn’t hold up.”

“That story” he was referring to is the one Hillary Clinton is now using to defend herself against claims that she mishandled classified information on her home-brew email server while secretary of state. Clinton claims she never “knowingly” received or sent classified material.

Leave aside the fact that the law does not allow ignorance as a defense — gross negligence is enough. The fact is that despite what Todd and others in the mainstream press want to believe, the latest tranche of Clinton emails released by the State Department show that she:

•Wrote and sent classified material.

•Solicited classified material be sent to her email.

I’ve omitted the paragraphs following each of the two bullet points — find them here.