Impressive fundraising numbers for Sanders and Carson

Bernie Sanders nearly matched Hillary Clinton’s fundraising total for the past three months. Clinton raised around $28 million; Sanders raised around $26 million.

Clinton’s haul came with the help of 58 fundraising events. Sanders held seven. The Vermont Senator relied on small contributions from a large number of donors using the internet.

As the Washington Post points out, this means several good things for Sanders. First, he has been able to concentrate on meeting and greeting potential voters rather than spending his time courting donors. Second, he has been able to conserve money because he isn’t spending cash on lavish events for donors. Third, he can go back to the well; his donors typically aren’t close to “maxed out” in what they legally can contribute.

The second of these advantages is reflected in the fact that Sanders has $25 million in cash on hand. Clinton has not disclosed how much cash she now has. Clinton has raised a whopping $75 million since kicking off her campaign, but seems to be spending lavishly (does she know any other way?).

Sanders’ people have said they need $40 million by the time they get to the Iowa caucuses. He is well ahead of the pace needed to reach this figure. He is also ahead of Barack Obama’s 2007 pace, according to the Post.

Although the startling Clinton-Sanders numbers are drawing most of the media’s attention, we shouldn’t overlook Ben Carson’s impressive showing. His spokesperson says that the good doctor pulled in at least $20 million this quarter.

Carson is competing for dollars with many more rivals than Clinton and Sanders. This makes the $20 million figure all the more impressive.

Couple this development with Dr. Carson’s status in the polls — in one survey he’s virtually tied with Donald Trump for number one nationally and he’s within clear striking distance of Trump in Iowa — and you have a very serious candidacy.

Not bad for an okay doctor.


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