The dog that won’t quit barking

The evidence continues to accumulate that the Bonnie and Clyde massacre in San Bernardino yesterday was a case of jihad. We’ve got the home armory. We’ve got the pilgrimage to Mecca. We’ve got the contact with foreign terrorist subjects. Sherlock Holmes solved the case in the story “Silver Blaze” with the clue of the dog that didn’t bark. The San Bernardino dog won’t shut up.

President Obama was talking about gun control before the bodies had turned cold. He now prefers to avoid the obvious for as long as possible, holding out hope that he can resort to the laughable “workplace violence” dodge that he has found useful in the past

This particular case of jihad comes at an inconvenient time for Obama politically, with his lectures regarding the claims of Syrian refugees sitting in the background and the new wave yet to land on our shores. It makes the critics he has obnoxiously disparaged as heartless ingrates seem like prudent guardians of our fellow citizens. Obama has an entirely different agenda and it doesn’t take an observer with the deductive powers of Sherlock Holmes to figure it out either.


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