The Week in Pictures: Steve Harvey Edition

I have a hunch Steve Harvey is going to be the gift that keeps on giving, for his horrendous gaffe at the Miss Universe competition last week. Donald Trump noted that if he was still running Miss Universe, a mistake like that wouldn’t have happened, which suggests the proper slogan for Mr. Trump: “Make Miss Universe Great Again!” I’d trust him with that job. He seems to be quite talented in spotting comely ladies. But was it really a mistake? The grassy knollers have weighed in that Harvey’s blunder was really a conspiracy to juice ratings for the flagging pageant. Hmm: Maybe the whole Trump campaign is an RNC plot to hide the real candidates until later and make them look good by comparison.

Harvey Obama



Harvey Joe Biden

Harvey 5 copy Harvey 4 copy Harvey 3 copy Harvey 2 copy Harvey 1 copy

Kermit Harvey

Rey Miss Universe

Dewey Schlongs Trman copy

Post Cartoon copy

Hillary Lap Dogs copy

Sanders Economics Books copy

GOP Drop Out list copy


GOP Nigerian Prince

Merry Yrumpmas copy

Trum Surfing


Trump Luthor

Obama Awakens


Batman BB8 copy


Dude Wars


Reindeer Windmills

Pot Brownies copy


WWF Shirt copy

Kiss Fit Toys copy

Nighthawks WiFi copy

PC Grinch

Progressive Reindeer

Xmas Grammar

Xmas Grammar 2

And finally. . .

Hot Bobba Fett 2 copy