The New York Times is off to a rousing start in 2016. The first headline that caught my eye in the print edition this morning is this one on the front page:

U.S. Uncertain Of How Many Overstay Visas

I’d work up my shocked face, but my face muscles are still sore from reacting to yesterday’s Stanford beat down of Iowa in the Rose Bowl. (Stanford overcame the point spread in the first 10 seconds of the game. I suspect bookmakers must have used a climate model to have made Iowa a six-point favorite.)

But a little later in the Times National section we find this headline:

Man Crushed by Elevator at Building That Had Complaints

Just what were the building’s complains anyway? Is this one of those Stephen King buildings that exacts revenge in a strict fashion? Is Trump connected to it in any way? I think this is a case for Ammo Grrrll to investigate and explain.

Meanwhile, just for grins, here’s highlights of yesterday’s obligatory Polar Bear swim. Power Line was right there in the middle of things, as usual:


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