Seven things about Ted Cruz

Last night, our Iowa caucuses correspondent Dave Begley covered a Ted Cruz event in Missouri Valley. There, he ran into Washington Post correspondent Katie Zezima.

Zezima, I surmised (half facetiously), must be fairly new to the Post because I don’t recall attacking her work. But there’s alternative explanation; she might be a fair reporter.

That’s how she seemed to Begley and that’s how she comes across in a report called “Seven things I learned covering Ted Cruz events.” (Zezima has been following Cruz all over the country for the Post.)

The seven things Zezima learned paint a favorable picture of Cruz and his campaign. They include:

In addition:

He sticks to the script (a good idea if the script is effective, and it seems to be);

His rallies tend to be packed (almost entirely with whites, but with a good mix age-wise);

He has a theater background (which Zezima says he’s putting to good use).

The biggest reservation many conservatives have about nominating Cruz revolves around electabililty. The reservation stems mainly, I think, from his reputation as a flame-thrower, which would make him particularly vulnerable to attack in the general election.

But there were also questions about how he would come across on the campaign trail. Would Cruz seem wooden, humorless, and/or robotic? So far, the answer seems to be: none of the above.