Stormy Weather, a convergence of Power Line interests

John likes to write about beauty pageants; I like to write about soccer. The two topics converge in an unfortunate story out of Seattle, Washington:

Miss Washington USA Stormy Keffeler is a possible suspect in the stabbing of MLS player Marco Pappa last month in a confusing incident that could cost the troubled beauty queen her crown.

Keffeler, who also has a DUI arrest to her name, gave differing accounts to police when they arrived at a Seattle-area apartment and found her with a bloodied Pappa nursing a stab wound to the stomach, King 5 TV reported.

Pappa also contradicted himself in statements to cops, who rushed him to a nearby hospital to undergo emergency surgery.

I have not been able to confirm whether the two had attended a Daryl Hall concert earlier in the evening or whether the stabbing was the culmination of an argument over Ronald Reagan’s presidency.

Fortunately, Pappa seems to be okay now. Seattle has traded him to Columbus, where he will be outside the jurisdiction of Miss Washington USA. The stabbing investigation remains open.

Keffeler is not your normal beauty contest winner in several respects. For one thing, she’s a former lingerie football player — quarterback and defensive end — for the Seattle Mist. Then, there’s the DUI conviction mentioned above. Reportedly, she was driving on two flat tires with a blood alcohol content three times the legal limit.

Yesterday, Keffeler resigned from her position as Miss Washington USA. As I understand it, contest rules require disclosure of incidents such as DUI convictions. Apparently, Keffeler did not disclose hers.

Kelsey Schmidt becomes the new Miss Washington USA. Without wanting to infringe on John’s beat, she seems well worth of the title. Perhaps John will follow her progress when she competes in the 2016 Miss USA pageant.