Farewell, Mr. Monium

We appreciate the community of commenters that has grown up on Power Line and have afforded a wide ambit for robust comments. Commenters and commenters have proliferated in the past few months. Many, however, are resistant to our guidelines seeking to preserve a forum one can read without wincing. In the interest of keeping it clean, we have automated the exclusion of comments with gratuitous vulgarity. Our publisher has loaded a list of vulgarities that will result in concealment of the comments in which they appear unless I specifically approve the comment.

If you keep it clean (with the proviso below), your comment should appear without further ado. If you can’t or won’t keep it clean, your comment is unlikely to appear. If you want to assure that your comment appears without further ado, keep it clean. I don’t think that’s too much to ask.

As previously noted, we discourage pseudonymous commenters. I requested pseudonymous commenters with a good reason for writing pseudonymously to write me at our site gmail account. Having heard from precisely zero commenters, I have initiated the process of banning pseudonymous commenters by dropping the axe on the commenter formerly known as Eminent Grise, I believe. Thinking himself clever or something, he adopted the new pseudonym Panda Monium. This is about as clever as porn star Johnny Holmes trying to disguise himself on film by wearing sunglasses. By his T-rump shall you know him. Or knew him. Mr. Monium, as the New York Times would call him, has been banned.

As always, thank you for your courtesies and consideration.


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