The Great Gasbag: Sequel Coming Soon

A few weeks back in “The Great Gasbag” I took special aim at Leo do Caprio for his stereotypical Hollywood elitism and hypocrisy. And so this news made my day:

Leonardo DiCaprio to Produce Post-Apocalyptic Climate Change Film

Leonardo DiCaprio and his partner at Appian Way Productions, Jennifer Davisson, bought the movie rights for an eco-themed, post-apocalyptic young adult novel, The Sandcastle Empire.

The book, written by Kayla Olson, has not yet been published, but attracted DiCaprio because of its environmental themes, The Hollywoood Reporter said.

Because of course he is. I can’t wait. Because what the world needs is a sequel to The Day After Tomorrow. Which was a sideways sequel, of sorts, to The Day After. Which shows that Hollywood really doesn’t have any new ideas these days.

I wonder if Leo will fly to the set in his private jet? And will it end like this:

Leo Meme 1 copy


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