“My Therapist Just Laughed at Me”

Larry Wilmore at Comedy Central’s “Nightly Show” offers up a five-minute segment on what fools Emory University has made of itself with its outrage over the “Trump 2016” chalk marks. Worth a watch here.

(Trigger warning: Wilmore uses the “n-word”! But it’s okay because he’s a comic, and they can do that.) Best part: “I had no idea I went to a school with people who had. . . different opinions than me!” “My therapist just laughed at me.” “Somebody saw the word ‘slave’ in a history book.” It is almost enough to make you want to vote for Trump.

Then there’s The Guardian, the board-certified leftist newspaper, which offers this video from Julie Bindel, who I gather is a leftist of some kind, who has decided this is all going too far in “Sorry: We Can’t Ban Everything That Offends You.”

P.S. Larry Wilmore’s panel discussion heaps additional scorn on campus snowflakes here.