The Donald and the Terminator

While we await the results from Super Tuesday (was ever a primary event better named for someone like Trump?), today’s best commentary comes from William McGurn in the Wall Street Journal, comparing Donald to Arnold:

As with Mr. Trump today, a potent combination of celebrity and political incorrectness transform Mr. Schwarzenegger into a larger than life figure when set against ordinary pols. Just as Mr. Trump now campaigns against the Washington establishment, Mr. Schwarzenegger entered office vowing to “blow up the boxes” in Sacramento. The early popular success both men enjoyed, moreover, resulted in their being heralded as the future of the Republican Party. . .

But here’s the thing about bluster. Against entrenched interests, it almost always loses. For a simple reason: The interests are entrenched because they know how to game the system. American history is thus littered with elected populists foundering in office on the presumption that their personal appeal would be enough to carry the day.

That’s what happened to Mr. Schwarzenegger.

And, I will add, the California GOP, already in bad shape, has not recovered from its misadventure with the Governator.