Congratulations to the Ethics and Public Policy Center

Last night, I had the privilege of attending the Ethics and Public Policy Center’s 40th anniversary dinner. Rich Lowry was there and offers his congratulations, along with a short video. He calls EPPC an “indispensable organization (indispensable for conservatism in general and for National Review in particular given how much we benefit from the work and friendship of EPPC’s scholars).”

I agree. EPPC is far from Washington D.C.’s largest conservative think tank. Yet it provides me with go-to sources on matters central to my blogging. To cite just a few examplex:

Ed Whelan, EPPC’s president, is also the proprietor and main contributor to NRO’s Bench Memos, the first place I look to for conservative analysis of legal developments.

Stanley Kurtz is my best source of information on under-the-radar serious leftist mischief. His attacks on “affirmatively furthering fair housing fair housing” and the College Board’s efforts to impose a leftist narrative of American history on high school students will be familiar to everyone who consistently reads my work on Power Line.

James Capretta is a, and quite possibly the, leading critic of Obamacare and the leading analyst of how to replace it.

I have described Yuval Levin as “probably my favorite current analyst of politics and policy.” His book The Great Debate: Edmund Burke, Thomas Paine, and the Birth of Right and Left is a masterpiece.

I turn to Pete Wehner not just for superb analysis, but also as a much needed example (that I’m not always able to follow) of how to remain civil in uncivil times.

I’ve been learning from Mona Charen since the 1980s when I started to become a conservative. I continue to learn from her “Need to Know” podcasts with Jay Nordlinger.

Speaker Paul Ryan gave the main speech at the 40th anniversary dinner. Although I disagree strongly with a few of the Speaker’s positions, there is no denying the seriousness of his thinking and his purpose. It was on display again last night.

EPPC’s scholars span a large portion of the conservative spectrum. Each of them exhibits the highest level of expertise, intellectual fire power, and honesty.

Long may EPPC continue.


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