After last night

And here I thought that the “Republican establishment” or “GOPe” had “rigged the system” to prevent the nomination of Donald Trump! I shouldn’t have believed whoever it was who told us that. Despite what he told us, it wasn’t so. As I am afraid will prove to be the case with many other such things in November. “We’re going to win so much we’re going to get tired of winning” is the first that comes to mind today.

Republican voters have spoken. Donald Trump will be our nominee. I hear he can be very presidential if he wants to be.

I thought the Republican field this year was extraordinarily strong. My own preferred candidates didn’t even make it to the starting line. Until a couple of months ago, I didn’t anticipate that Donald Trump would prevail. Since it became obvious he would emerge as the nominee, I have done my best to relax and enjoy it. I particularly “enjoyed” Trump’s imputation of participation in the Kennedy assassination to Cruz’s father yesterday, based on the National Enquirer’s reportage.

A wise man once said of baseball that ninety percent of this game is mental, and the other half is physical. Something similar applies to the prospect before us.

I didn’t think that Ted Cruz would be the last senator standing in the GOP field. I didn’t think that John Kasich (don’t spellcheck me, bro) would be the last governor standing in the GOP field. I didn’t think that Donald Trump would be the winner of the Republican presidential nomination.

The ordeal of Hillary Clinton must go down as the second great surprise of this political year. Even Democrats perceive her untrustworthiness and dishonesty. Even for an ambitious politician, she lies outside the range of normal. She has entered the range of pathological. The improbable Bernie Sanders has exposed her weaknesses as a Democratic candidate, as he beat her once again last night in the Indiana primary.

Sanders is a fringe candidate who has given Madam Hillary a run for her money, which, as we all know, is formidable. He runs for the nomination of a party of which he is at best an uncertain member. As an avowed socialist, however, he faithfully represents the mania that drives the Democrats. It’s an upscale market.

Congratulations to Mr. Trump are in order. He beat a raft of formidable candidates. He has a certain genius and a great energy that have served him well. He has a true insight into the yearning among us to restore the greatness of our country.

The ordeal of Hillary Clinton continues for a while longer. I hope Trump prevails against her in November even if I doubt that he will. With the help of Joel Kotkin I confront the inevitability of Hillary.

After last night I will take heart in my predictive failures so far. I will reflect that there’s got to be a morning after.


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