Who controls the past

In his Times Magazine profile of Ben Rhodes, David Samuels shows how the Obama administration created a fictional narrative to support our alliance his one-sided love affair with the Islamic Republic of Iran. If the truth does not inhibit you, you can make stuff up. If you can make stuff up, and if you’ve got an army of willing tools to retail your stories, you’ve got it made.

Taking his cue from Stalin, George Orwell put it this way in 1984: “Who controls the past controls the future; who controls the present controls the past.” It’s implicit in “fundamental transformation.” This is the territory we have entered courtesy of Barack Obama and the Obama administration.

FOX News Channel’s James Rosen tells one illustrative story in the Special Report segment below. At Hot Air John Sexton expands on it in “State Dept. edited video to remove admission about Iran negotiations.” At PJ Media Debra Heine also follows up in “State Department: ‘Glitch’ caused key video segment on Iran to go missing.” The editing of the video bears directly on Rhodes’s project as explored in Samuels’s profile.

Video via Aaron Kliegman/Washington Free Beacon.


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