Sir Roger Scruton!

Scrution copyDelighted to hear the news that the great British philosopher Roger Scruton has received a knighthood, and is now Sir Roger Scruton. I’ve had occasion to talk about Roger many times before on Power Line, such as here (praising his memoir Gentle Regrets), here (on his great recent book How To Be a Conservative), and here (featuring my short interview with him four years ago about his book on environmentalism).

Now, if you have a spare hour, the Intelligence Squared people held a recent “conversation/debate” (it is quite genteel) between Roger and Terry Eagleton, perhaps the best known Marxist literary critic. It’s a terrifically erudite exchange, and I do have to say that Roger gets in all the best comic lines. Eagleton is a formidable person, but like most leftist intellectuals, is humor-deprived. (You can also download this as a podcast from the IQ Squared people and listen to it in your car.)

I’m hoping to help arrange a North American lecture tour for Roger next year. Stand by for details when it happens.