What I saw at the trial

I abbreviated my observations and comments on the terrorism case against the Somali Minnesotans that was tried before Judge Michael Davis in Minneapolis to column-length for the Star Tribune. The column appears in today’s paper under the headline “What I saw at the trial.”

The Opinion pieces featured on the Star Tribune home page today omit any mention of my column. You have to go looking for it to find it. Something tells me that the Star Tribune webmaster or digital editor is not crazy about the column. Please encourage the Commentary editors who found the piece fit to print by clicking on the link.

@BelladonnaRogers has already lit up Twitter with the column. If you’re on Twitter, please consider giving it a ride there as well.

The current issue of the Weekly Standard carries the complete unabridged version of my observations in “‘Minnesota men’ on trial.” That article follows up on “The threat from ‘Minnesota men'” (December 7, 2015) and “Judging the ‘Minnesota men'” (March 21, 2016). On Power Line yesterday I took a look at the case from a different angle in “A tale of five Muhammads.”

The investigation of the “Minnesota men” extended from New York to California. It consumed an enormous amount of law enforcement resources over an extended period of time. Implicating a large group of local perpetrators, the case also reflects denial and support within Minnesota’s huge Somali community. The support extends beyond the Somali community itself to the political and social service infrastructure that thrives on the community as well as the peaceniks for jihad who exploit it for their own purposes. The case is important and revelatory.


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