Another Day, Another Allahu Akbar

In southern Germany, a 17-year-old Afghan refugee pulled out a hatchet and a knife on a train and attacked his fellow passengers, wounding 19, three grievously.

A teenage Afghan refugee shouted ‘Allahu Akbar’ before hacking at passengers during an axe and knife rampage on a train in Germany.

As many as 19 passengers needed hospital treatment while three victims are fighting for their lives after being attacked with ‘cutting and stabbing weapons’. Officials have said it was ‘probably’ an Islamist attack.

Leaving room for existential doubt, I guess.

The interior of the train was soaked in blood:


The unidentified attacker was shot by police after he fled the train. Apparently there was no security on the train capable of stopping him.

Authorities have said the attacker entered Germany as an unaccompanied child refugee.

Which means he may or may not be 17 years old. “Child” refugees often turn out to be in their 20s. One thing is certain, he wasn’t kidnapped in Afghanistan and dragooned around the world to Germany. He came voluntarily, and either was a terrorist-in-waiting all the while, or else was radicalized by traumatic exposure to Western culture. The public policy issue implicated by such attacks is, of course, immigration.


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