Inadvertent Truth from Hillary

There’s a joke in the boutique wine industry out here on the Left Coast: How do you make a small fortune in the wine trade? Answer: Start with a large fortune.

This parable comes to mind with respect to yesterday unintentionally revealing headline about Madam Hillary:

Here is how Hillary Clinton hopes to be the ‘small business president’

Hillary Clinton wants to be the “small business president” and according to her campaign the former secretary of state is looking to “build off of some of the good foundation that President Obama has laid out.”

Rhett Buttle, Director of Small Business Outreach for the Clinton campaign who also previously worked for the Obama administration, says the president has “done a ton in eight years”. . .

Is this deliberate parody? There’s no doubt that a Hillary Administration that builds on “the good foundation President Obama has laid out” will indeed ensure that businesses stay small, while big businesses are brought into the fold of State-friendly crony capitalism. Those that don’t will become small businesses in a hurry. Just ask mid-sized and small banks how their business is trending under Dodd-Frank.

Related story: New business startups under Obama lowest in 30 years. Maybe that Obama “foundation” is really a gravestone.


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