One Man’s Disaster Is Another Man’s Bogey

Barack Obama has more or less given up any pretense of interest in his constitutional duties. Reportedly, he intends to become the first billionaire ex-president. If he has been watching Hillary Clinton and learning from her example, he shouldn’t have any problem attaining that goal.

Meanwhile, as his days in office dwindle away, Louisiana has been struck by flooding. Well aware that the floods would be of no interest to the press–Democratic president–Obama didn’t interrupt his golf schedule on Martha’s Vineyard. Donald Trump had the good sense to tour the afflicted areas, which shamed Obama into putting in an appearance once his vacation was over.

This cartoon by Michael Ramirez sums up the situation well. Click to enlarge:


This one, too:


One of my work colleagues said today that Trump’s visiting Milwaukee and Louisiana were good ideas, and that he should go to other hard-hit areas of the country, like San Bernardino and Orlando. I think that is right. Hillary Clinton is the ultimate anti-change candidate, and Trump should pass up no opportunity to point out why changes are needed.


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