Target Removes the Bullseye?

Target ostentatiously jumped on the transgender bathroom bandwagon very early, but customer backlash has led it to a significant about face:

Target Adds Private Bathrooms to Quell Transgender Debate: Follows customer protests of its restroom policy on transgender individuals

Target Corp. said it will spend $20 million to add a private bathroom to each of its stores by next year, after customer protests of its policy allowing transgender individuals to use whichever restroom corresponds with their gender identity.

Most of Target’s 1,797 locations already have single-occupancy or unisex restrooms, but it will add the option to 277 stores by November and to about 20 remaining stores by March 2017, the company said on Wednesday.

Target’s finance chief Cathy Smith said the move is a response to feedback from customers voicing displeasure over the company’s bathroom policy.

As I predicted at the end of my own long recent article about this matter in the Washington Examiner (“The Genderfication of U.S. Politics“), I suspect the transgender bathroom wars of 2016 may come to be like bussing in the late 1960s and early 1970s—a rout of overreaching liberalism.


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