Gender Follies

No Sex Please—We’re Anthropologists!

Featured image With apologies to the old British farce “No Sex Please—We’re British!”, apparently academic anthropology wants to do a humorless remake. (Did I even need to include “humorless” after “academic anthropology”?) I would have thought that case studies in sex lives was a rather integral part of anthropology, at least it seemed that way when Margaret Mead was the hot anthropologist of her day, a forerunner of the over-rated Jared Diamond. »

No Manifesto Destiny

Featured image Today marks six months since Audrey Hale, a woman who thought she was a man, shot her way into the Covenant School in Nashville and gunned down nine-year-olds Hallie Scruggs, William Kinney and Evelyn Dieckhaus, and adults Mike Hill, Katherine Koonce, and Cynthia Peak. Hale, a former student at the school, carefully planned the attack for months. The killer left a manifesto explaining her actions but six months after the »

Authoritarian the Librarian

Featured image The onset of Autumn is a good time to recall summer stories that failed to get the attention they deserved. Consider, for example, what happened in Davis, California, back on August 20. The Stephens Davis Branch Library hosted an event by Moms for Liberty (MFL) of Yolo County, featuring speakers formerly with the California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) and NCAA, as well as legal experts in Title IX and women’s rights »

Killer Construct

Featured image Back around Labor Day, the Canadian government advised that 2SLGBTQI+ persons “could face certain barriers and risks when you travel outside Canada,” because “not all countries have the same values and legal system that we have in Canada.” That is indeed true, in ways that travelers might not imagine. LGBTQ are, respectively, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer. “I” means “intersex”  and + is “inclusive of people who identify as »

“Poor Cat”

Featured image This video made me laugh. Riley Gaines munches on breakfast cereal with a deadpan expression while watching a lib’s self-absorbed TikTok video. The funny thing, as Riley notes, is that TikTok banned the video even though Riley does not utter a single word. Her only commentary is “poor cat,” which you will understand if you watch the lib woman’s litany: This video just got removed from my tik tok for »

Target Takes Pride

Featured image Target announced earnings in a call with reporters and acknowledged being hurt by the company’s “Pride” promotions: The retailer said it expected sales to decline again in the current quarter and lowered its profit goal for the full year. Executives said they would still mark Pride Month next year but with a more focused assortment of merchandise. *** “As we navigate an ever-changing operating and social environment, we are applying »

A Chastened Anheuser-Busch Moves on

Featured image Anheuser-Busch InBev released second quarter data today. The Wall Street Journal reports: The culture wars have cost Bud Light big time. Now, the beer brand’s owner says its market share is stabilizing and that it will win back drinkers by staying away from controversial topics. *** Anheuser-Busch InBev, the world’s largest brewer, said Thursday its U.S. sales, profit and market share had all fallen sharply in the second quarter as »

A Strange Hill To Die On

Featured image I confess I didn’t see this one coming: the Democratic Party has made forcing young women and girls to dress and undress in front of strange naked men a cornerstone of its political platform. Apparently Democrats are not allowed to dissent from this orthodoxy; at least, I haven’t noticed any who have done so. It is, as I say, a weird hill to die on. Not only is the policy »

Is America Going Queer?

Featured image What is the younger generation coming to? is a question probably as old as time. But at least, until now, members of the younger generation have been able to figure out whether they are boys or girls. Today’s mania for gender confusion is unprecedented. This story from Brown is getting a lot of attention: The number of Brown University students identifying as LGBTQ+ has doubled since 2010, according to a »

Riley Gains Admirers

Featured image Last night, American Experiment hosted Riley Gaines for an event in suburban Minneapolis. I got to know Riley when I had her as a guest on the Dennis Prager show. That led to our invitation to come to Minnesota. It is hard to say how many tickets we could have sold to see Ms. Gaines. We cut off sales at 430 lest the fire marshal shut us down. She is »

Minnesota Whines

Featured image Minnesota’s Department of Human Rights released a statement on the Supreme Court’s 303 Creative decision, which I wrote about here. First the statement, then some comments on it: So, what exactly has the Supreme Court done that the State of Minnesota think is a blow to gay people’s civil rights? If a gay couple is getting married and they go to a web designer to set up a page to »

Bush League vs. Busch Light

Featured image Transheiser-Busch still doesn’t get it. The supposed CEO (I say “supposed” because he looks like he was plucked from an old J. Peterman catalogue to play CEO) went on CBS This Morning to recite a buschel of corporate talking points about the Bud Light debacle that were stale in 1986 (coincidentally, around the time of the “New Coke”). Bud Light went Busch League with this attempt at damage control. Go »

Trans Tourism, the Key to Economic Development?

Featured image Minnesota is not thriving. The state consistently loses residents to states with lower taxes, like Florida and South Dakota. The exodus is especially alarming with regard to Minnesota’s most productive citizens, i.e., those with incomes over $50,000. What to do? Governor Tim Walz and his minions have suggested that Minnesota’s newfound status as a state that permits abortion up to and beyond the moment of birth, and as a “trans »

Mental Health You Say?

Featured image The Biden Administration and the rest of the cheerleaders for transgenderism like to claim that, especially for teens, transgender “medicine” is “affirming health care,” especially mental health. If we don’t allow teens access to puberty blockers and other aggressive interventions, we risk a wave of suicides among young people suffering gender dysphoria in larger and larger numbers. Well, this story in . . . THE NEW YORK TIMES!!! is going »

Attorneys General Take Pride

Featured image This Star Tribune headline caught my attention: “Keith Ellison, other state attorneys general concerned with Target pulling Pride products.” Why on earth would Target’s response to customer complaints be a matter of concern to attorneys general? What possible crime could they be looking into? Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison and a group of 14 other attorneys general penned a letter to Target CEO Brian Cornell this week expressing concern about »

Kennedy on the Case

Featured image Let’s face it: John Kennedy is the greatest Kennedy ever. No, not John F. Kennedy of the Massachusetts clan, but Sen. John Kennedy of Louisiana, who is for my money the greatest performer in Senate hearings we’ve ever seen. Sam Ervin could have taken lessons from Sen. Kennedy. Yesterday he shone again with his line of questioning of the head of the Human Rights Campaign Fund, Kelley Robinson, and swimming »

It’s Just Like Slavery

Featured image Before we bid farewell to Juneteenth, let’s note this delusional take from The Advocate, a gay/trans publication: Living in bondage…we’ll pass over the obvious joke to ask, what bondage? Being gay is just like being a slave working in the cotton fields? Really? And how does “our society” “refuse to let them be free”? Free to shower with the women? Free to have sex-change surgeries at taxpayer expense? Free to »