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LGBTQ Grooming in the Public Schools [Updated]

Featured image At a school board meeting this evening, the board that governs one of Minnesota’s largest school districts will vote on a resolution that would institutionalize the promotion of LGBTQ doctrine in that district’s schools. Here it is: LGBTQIA+ History and Culture Resolution June 21, 2022 A RESOLUTION of the Osseo Area School District Board of Education to acknowledge the value of the lives of our trans, lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, queer, »

Okay, Groomers

Featured image Proponents of instructing small children in perverse sexual practices get offended when people point out that the children are being groomed. But what else can you call it? The invaluable Libs of TikTok has documented not just one or two, but numerous elementary school teachers who proudly boast of what can only be termed grooming of their pre-teen students. Then we have the Drag the Kids to Pride event that »

What Is a Woman?

Featured image It has long been supposed (mostly tongue-in-cheek, except for Freudians) that the great unanswerable question of all time is, “What do women want?” Forget that. Today the unanswerable question—not tongue-in-cheek—is, “What is a woman?” Matt Walsh of the Daily Wire has produced a documentary about this question which is out late this week. I haven’t see it yet, but I have seen some excerpts, and this short trailer makes one »


Featured image The phrase “transitional housing” has been around a long time, but San Francisco has come up with a whole new dimension. Behold, a recent Tweet from the mayor: Turns out the mayor has included $6.5 million in next year’s budget with the intent of eliminating trans-homelessness over the next five years. San Francisco is estimated to have up to 20,000 homeless living on the streets. How many are trans? “According »

Has the Transgender Trend Peaked?

Featured image Surveys over the last several years have found an increasing number of young people  “identify” themselves as transgender or “non-binary,” with some surveys finding the number as high as 30 percent. (Most report it around 20 percent.) Some of this may be peer pressure and wanting to be part of the latest trend, the way every Oxford or Cambridge student used to become a Communist for a week or two. »

You Must Participate, Comrade!

Featured image One of the strange phenomena of our time is the co-opting of sports organizations into the service of leftism. I can’t explain it, but here is another case: the French Football [Soccer] Federation organized a pro-LGBTQ+ demonstration by players who were told to wear “rainbow” jerseys. Most went along, but one–a Senegalese Muslim named Idrissa Gueye–apparently didn’t participate. Natalie Solent at Samizdata has the story; links omitted: Idrissa Gueye is »

Ricky Gervais Crosses the Line?

Featured image First it was Bill Maher, as noted here, thumbing his nose at the wokerati on the issue of transgenderism in his most recent HBO show. Now it is Ricky Gervais’s turn. He has a new comedy special coming out soon on Netflix, and move over Dave Chappelle! Take in this one-minute excerpt (STRONG language warning, but this has news value): Notice that the audience loves it. Interesting that the show »

Bill Maher Crosses the Line?

Featured image Bill Maher must have overdosed on red pills this week, because his closing rant last night took on the holiest of left-wing holies—the transgender movement. One thing to note if you watch all the way through is the severe disapproving look on the face of Democratic Party factotum Donna Brazile. She is clearly not happy that Maher is “going there.” This is one issue about which the left will tolerate »

Coming Soon

Featured image What is a woman? The question that stumped a Supreme Court nominee now resonates through our culture. And, in a rare coup of timing, the movie What Is a Woman?, produced by the Daily Wire, starring Matt Walsh and directed by my friend Justin Folk, will be released on June 1. Matt and Justin traveled around the world, searching for the answer to a simple question that suddenly has become »

Abortion: The Schrodinger’s Cat of Public Opinion

Featured image There are few issues about which public opinion is both remarkably steady and completely unsteady at the same time than abortion. Think of it as the Schrodinger’s Cat of opinion problems—it exists in a quantum state. This reflects partly the unease most people have thinking and talking about the issue, the seriousness of the vital moral questions involved, and the perennial problem of issue-polling where the form and order of »

It’s a Boy!

Featured image The mother birthing person is a boy, that is. Gender confusion is not unique to the U.S. Insanity, like the covid virus and other diseases, appears to be contagious. Thus, this story comes from Scotland: “Student midwives at Napier University taught that men can get pregnant.” Midwifery students in Scotland were taught that biological males could become pregnant and were given guidance on how to catheterise “birthing people” with penises. »

Censoring Johnny the Walrus?

Featured image Matt Walsh has written a book for children called Johnny the Walrus. It satirizes the current transgender craze, which has resulted in an epidemic of irreversible child abuse: Johnny is a little boy with a big imagination. One day he pretends to be a big scary dinosaur, the next day he’s a knight in shining armor or a playful puppy. But when the internet people find out Johnny likes to »

Gerontocracy, Gender Confusion and Where to Put Illegal Aliens

Featured image On Saturday night I made one of my regular appearances on Outsiders, a terrific news program on Sky News Australia. Outsiders is hosted by Rowan Dean, James Morrow and Rita Panahi. They do excellent commentary and also have some fun. Some of the themes of my interview may be familiar to you from Power Line posts: »

Mysterious Pregnancies at All-Woman Prison

Featured image The prospect of incarceration is horrifying. I imagine that a large majority of men, if given the choice, would opt to be incarcerated in a women’s prison for a number of reasons beginning with safety. Until recently, that wouldn’t have been possible. But today, in what we might call the Shania Twain era (“Man…I feel like a woman!”), a transfer request is apparently all it takes. In New Jersey, 27 »

The Jackson mystique

Featured image If Democrats hadn’t turned the confirmation of judicial appointments into a blood sport in which everything but physical assassination is fair game, Judge Janice Rogers Brown may well have been the first black woman nominated to the Supreme Court. Unfortunately, Joe Biden threatened that if President Bush were to nominate here, the nomination would be filibustered and killed. Marc Thiessen excavated this ancient history in his February 1 Washington Post »

What’s a Woman? Who Can Say?

Featured image Ketanji Jackson isn’t the only one who can’t tell you what a woman is. Sir Keir Starmer, leader of Britain’s Labour Party, apparently wouldn’t know a woman if he tripped over her in the shower. The Telegraph reports: Sir Keir Starmer refused to answer the question of whether a woman can have a penis in the latest Labour Party confusion over the transgender debate. *** Speaking to LBC’s Nick Ferrari »

Looney Tunes at ESPN

Featured image One of the mysteries of our time is why the sports world has gone woke. Not, surely, in response to popular demand from sports fans. But woke it is, and ESPN leads the way. Maybe this has to do with being owned by Disney, a citadel of leftism. In any event, check out this minute of silence during the women’s NCAA basketball tournament. Why the minute of silence? To protest »