The Associated Press Campaigns For Hillary

Consider this remarkable headline from the Associated Press, once known as a reliable purveyor of hard news: “Trump refuses to back away from false claim Obama founded IS.” The AP doesn’t leave a lot of doubt about where it stands:

Donald Trump repeatedly accused President Barack Obama of founding the Islamic State group on Thursday, refusing to take back a patently false allegation even when questioned about the logic of his position.

Patently false!

Of course Obama didn’t “found” the Islamic State. If pressed, Trump explains:

In the interview with Hewitt, Trump did acknowledge the root of his argument was that if Obama “had done things properly, you wouldn’t have had ISIS.” But he then added, “Therefore, he was the founder if ISIS.”

So Trump’s assertion that Barack Obama founded ISIS is false, crazy or hyperbolic. Take your pick. Not, of course, as false, crazy or hyperbolic as, say, Joe Biden’s “They’re going to put y’all back in chains,” or the countless Trump = Hitler analogies that Hillary Clinton’s surrogates have drawn in this year’s election season. Now that the Associated Press has made itself the truth police, I look forward to its commentaries on the Democrats’ many over-the-top pronouncements. No doubt we will also see this AP headline: “Hillary refuses to back away from false claims about her private email system.”