Keith Lamont Scott’s violent past

I still don’t know for sure whether, as police say, Keith Lamont Scott was brandishing a weapon when he was shot or, as his wife says, he was unarmed. But the more we learn about Mr. Scott, the more clear it becomes that this was a violent and dangerous man. And as we learn about his wife, we realize that she was one of his victims.

I wrote here about aspects of his Scott’s criminal record. Since then, new facts have emerged.

For example, according to this report:

A domestic violence protective order was filed against Scott by his wife, Rakeyia Scott, in 2004 in Mecklenburg County. Rakeyia claims Scott stabbed her in the back, almost puncturing her lungs. She also claims he “sliced me [sic] ear and bruised my body.

2004 was a long time ago. However, Scott did not become less violent with age. Just last year, Scott’s wife filed another domestic violence protective order against him. She said he hit their 8-year-old child three times with his fists and kicked her, according to court records. She also said he threatened to kill them with a gun (not a book), while claiming that he’s a “killer” and that they should know that.

This is the man his wife described after his death as a likable guy and a family man. I don’t blame the wife for speaking well of her husband after his demise, but it does put her credibility regarding the facts of the shooting in doubt.

Previously, I brought up Scott’s conviction in Texas for aggravated assault after he shot and injured an acquaintance. Now, I learn that Scott fired more than 10 rounds from a 9mm pistol, according to court records.

Maybe Scott had no gun when he encountered the police on the fateful day. But if he did, I would say that the officers substantially increased their chances of survival by shooting this violent and dangerous man.