Memory Lane, With a Suggestion for Trump and a Cartoon

It is interesting to see the news dominated by allegations of sexual boorishness by Donald Trump. Some of us are old enough to remember when Bill Clinton was disbarred and fined $90,000 because he committed perjury in a sexual harassment case. In those days, of course, Democrats insisted all of that was “just about sex,” and demanded that we stop talking about it. Same with the Lolita Express, I guess.

That was then and this is now. Or, more pertinently, that was a Democrat and this is a Republican. So here is an idea: Trump should point out that he was a Democrat when the boorishness in question happened (or didn’t), and therefore it is dirty pool to mention those events. Or else he can say that since then he has reformed his behavior, as well as his politics.

Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton appears to have stopped campaigning. She has no public appearances scheduled prior to the final presidential debate. Apparently she is happy to let the press campaign for her. Michael Ramirez comments; click to enlarge:


Hillary never really wanted to have to campaign for the presidency. She would have preferred to simply be anointed. Now, that is pretty much what is happening.


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