The Best Political Ad of 2016?

If you’re like me, or even if you’re not like me an you’re more normal, no doubt by now you are sick of political ads on TV, even for the candidate you like or the attack ads against the candidates you hate. But why are they nearly always the same? TV political ads haven’t changed much in the last few decades, even as the styles of other kinds of TV content have changed drastically. I suppose the answer the pros will give is that they work, especially attack ads. But I also wonder if it isn’t a lack of imagination on the part of political consultants who run campaigns. (I know for a fact that there’s a category of TV spot that the national committees use called the “donut hole,” which is a standard or generic template where the local candidate or opposition target is simply dropped into the hole and run in the local media market.)

Every once in a while someone tries something different. Like Travis County (Texas) Commissioner Gerald Daughtery:


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