Bums For Hillary

If you ask the average person whose presidential campaign has been crude, vulgar and raunchy, I am sure most would say Donald Trump’s. But this image of singer Jennifer Lopez comes from a Hillary Clinton rally in Miami, not a Trump event.


I am anything but a prude, but, seriously? Is this really what presidential campaigning has come to? Can you imagine a performance like this at a Ronald Reagan rally? What do you think George Washington or Abraham Lincoln would make of the current stage of our democracy? Or for that matter, Franklin Roosevelt or Harry Truman?

We have been heading down this slippery slope for a while. The first time I ever heard of Lena Dunham was when she made a video for Barack Obama’s campaign in which she talked about her “first time” as though it were sex, but it turned out to be voting for Obama.

To some extent this sort of crudeness is a function of the attention paid to celebrity endorsements, although I note that when Kim Kardashian came out for Hillary, she had the self-restraint to keep her clothes on. In today’s degraded climate, we should probably be grateful for that.