Freakout at General Mills (2)

Glenn Reynolds posts an email with an important postscript to “Freakout at General Mills.” The email sent to Glenn by an InstaPundit reader elucidates the addressees of the message sent out by General Mills’s Orwellian Vice President for Global Inclusion to employees traumatized by the election of Donald Trump:

I worked over 15 years at General Mills, and what’s critical to note is that the addressing of Ken Charles’s note – “Employee Network & WIL Network” – means that everybody but white males is invited to his little soiree. The Employee Networks are all the racially delineated corporate support groups, and WIL is Women in Leadership.

This is appalling and embarrassing – but not at all surprising. The company’s latest news is that their Chief Marketing Officer, Ann Simonds, has launched a search for a new ad agency that requires the applicants to have 50% women and 20% women of color in their creative departments to even be considered. Seeing that in the news, and knowing how horribly their US sales have tanked, made me think repeatedly of your quip about the business results of companies that go full-SJW.

Feel free to use my words but not my name – I still have to make a living in the corporate world, where this kind of talk is double-plus-ungood, unfortunately.

Glenn comments: “When SJW-talk comes in, profits go out. Also, events that exclude people because of race and gender are illegal. We need some folks willing to file lawsuits.”


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