The Decline of DEI

Featured image Today’s Wall Street Journal has a heartwarming article on DEI: “The Rise and Fall of the Chief Diversity Officer.” Two years ago chief diversity officers were some of the hottest hires into executive ranks. Now, they increasingly feel left out in the cold. Companies including Netflix, Disney and Warner Bros. Discovery have recently said that high-profile diversity, equity and inclusion executives will be leaving their jobs. Thousands of diversity-focused workers »

Is Hollywood Waking Up?

Featured image Like most of corporate America, Hollywood has fallen prey to the “DEI” delusion in recent years. Far from being a good thing, corporate “Diversity, Equity and Inclusion” measures generally represent a poisonous brew of racism, leftism and anti-Americanism. The sooner this fad fades from the scene, the better. In the Telegraph, U.S. Editor Nick Allen sees signs that the entertainment industry is moving back toward sanity: Hollywood is suffering “diversity »

Joey Mumbles does college admissions

Featured image Within an hour of the release of the Supreme Court decision in the “affirmative action” cases yesterday, President Biden stepped forth with his pitty-pat steps to mumble his disparagement of it. The White House has posted the transcript of his halting remarks here. Biden spoke about the effects of the “affirmative action” regime with the confidence of a guidance counselor, but not the candor. On that point, he regurgitated the »

Why Aren’t Red States Red? (Part 1)

Featured image Some red states are leaders in public policy, consistently enacting conservative measures that drive their economies forward. But in some red states, conservatives are frustrated that large Republican majorities don’t necessarily produce solid conservative legislation. One of those states is Texas. Republicans control the Texas House of Representatives 85-64 and the Senate 19-12. Texas has a Republican governor, Greg Abbott. And yet, despite those numbers and the state’s conservative image, »

Thought for the Day: DEI = Anti-Semitism

Featured image Seth Mandel, writing in the current issue of Commentary: By every metric, American Jewish campus life is a shadow of what it once was. The City University of New York is losing the last two Jewish members of its 80-member senior leadership team—in the city with the largest Jewish population in the world. Jewish enrollment in elite universities, most notably the Ivy League, is in free fall. And a sense »

If DEI Is DIE-ing, I Call DIBS

Featured image Gov. Ron DeSantis has signed legislation in Florida defunding diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) programs in Florida’s state universities, and while the diversicrats will probably go to ground by embedding themselves with bureaucratic workarounds, it is already paying dividends. The Chronicle of Higher Education reports: Statehouses’ Targeting of Diversity and Tenure Is Starting to Scare Away Faculty Job Candidates Recently proposed and passed legislation that targets tenure and diversity, equity, »

What’s the Matter With Texas?

Featured image Sadly, having large Republican majorities in a legislature does not guarantee sound public policy. A case in point comes from the current session in Texas, where conservatives are trying to stamp out the left-wing race and gender ideologies that have been institutionalized at the University of Texas. Texas SB 17 would defund and prohibit DEI departments, officers, employees, training, and so on in Texas state colleges and universities. The bill »

Shouldn’t Columbia University Change Its Name?

Featured image Back in December we reported on Stanford University’s attempt to instruct everyone on language use with their “Elimination of Harmful Language Initiative.” It read like a parody of our idiotic woke university culture today, and Stanford quickly withdrew it on account of the massive public embarrassment it generated. Now it is Columbia University’s turn. Columbia’s “Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility Guide” also works hard to instruct us proper meaning and »

Is Childbirth Racist?

Featured image Everything else is, so why not? This question is prompted by the revelation that the University of Minnesota paid a diversity consultant more than $200,000 to develop an online anti-racism training course for the University’s hospitals and maternity centers. Does anyone seriously think that the University of Minnesota’s hospital system is racist? Of course not. This course is meant to combat “implicit bias,” which means that no one in these »

United Airlines Touts All-LGBTQ Flight Crew; Customers Not Amused

Featured image United Airlines took to Twitter this week to proclaim that an all-LGBTQ+ crew had just completed a flight from San Francisco to Sydney. A video inside the tweet showed two employees unveiling the image of a koala bear – wearing heart-shaped sunglasses – waving an enormous LGBTQ flag on the side of the aircraft. The airline may have been surprised to learn that for many passengers, safety trumps diversity. Although »

Feel Good Headline of the Day

Featured image This Bloomberg story is a few weeks old, but worth savoring nonetheless, as I expect it is the beginning of a new trend that will spread rapidly, eventually reaching college campuses when revenues start to fall as enrollment declines: At Twitter, the diversity, equity and inclusion team is down to just two people from 30, one former employee said. A DEI worker who was let go from a popular ride-share company said »

DeSantis Marches On

Featured image Governor Ron DeSantis had a busy day yesterday. He followed through on last year’s legislation that ended the Disney Corporation’s unique self-governing status through the Reedy Creek Improvement District. The Orlando Sentinel reports: A notice published on Osceola County’s website on Friday states that lawmakers will take up legislation “increasing state oversight, accountability, and transparency” of the district, which gives Disney quasi-government control over its theme park properties in Florida. »

It’s Official: “Diversity” = Leftism

Featured image One of the definitions in Power Line’s lexicon of modern leftist terms is “Diversity: Where everyone looks different, but thinks the same.” Virtually every office of “diversity, equity, and inclusion” is a Soviet-style ideological enforcement bureau, a campus Stasi. And now the New York Times has made it official: “diversity” is a synonym for “leftism.” Britain’s new prime minister, Liz Truss, has appointed a cabinet without a single white male. »

Not a parody

Featured image I have sought to persuade a conservative attorney friend with whom I attended the University of Minnesota Law School to quit supporting the school. They are an enemy of everything we believe in, I argued. Ask them if they have a single conservative professor on the faculty, I implored him. The development staff cited the ludicrous former DFL candidate Richard Painter. Case closed. I also asked him to leaf through »

The College Admissions Sausage Factory

Featured image Our go-to thinker on civil rights issues, University of San Diego law professor Gail Heriot, is out with a new paper (with co-author Carissa Mulder) on “The Sausage Factory” of college admissions. Here is the abstract: The Supreme Court assumes that race-preferential admissions policies are the result of a careful academic judgment by colleges and universities that racial diversity has pedagogical benefits for students generally. But evidence shows that the »

State-Sponsored Discrimination: One Step Back, One Step Forward

Featured image Back in February we reported here on the federal district court ruling that the new “diversity” admissions process for the elite Thomas Jefferson High School in Alexandria, Virginia, had illegally discriminated against Asians. (Who do they think they are—Harvard?) The Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals has unfortunately granted a stay against the district court’s ruling pending further appeal, which means TJ can continue discriminating against Asians for next fall’s admissions: »

Breaking: Federal Court Finds Virginia Discriminated Against Asians

Featured image This afternoon a Federal District Court in Alexandria, Virginia, handed down a summary judgment in favor of parents who sued Fairfax County Public Schools for the recent changes in the admissions process for Thomas Jefferson High School, the extremely selective public high school that emphasizes math and science. The case, Coalition for TJ v. Fairfax County School Board, strikes a significant blow to race-conscious policies in education. The County Board had »