Freakout In Minneapolis

The Mayor of Minneapolis is far-left Betsy Hodges. Yesterday she posted this on the Facebook page that she uses for public communications, which is largely a cheering section for Hillary Clinton:

To those who awoke afraid and more vulnerable to a President who has pledged to attack you: I stand with you, your city stands with you, and we will find a way through. To my Muslim, Mexican, immigrant, indigenous, LGBTQ, low-income, of-color, women, Jewish, and other friends: you are not alone, I and all allies stand strong with you, we will create more and better allies, and we will find a path forward. Together.

That’s a classic catalogue of victim/interest groups. But has Trump pledged to attack anyone other than ISIS? Not that I know of.

To my fellow white people:

Pause for a moment. Can you imagine beginning a sentence “To my fellow white people”? The Democrats are bizarrely race-obsessed.

…we get to do a lot of work with one another. We have been surprised by our brothers and sisters who are so angry, scared, and confused that Donald Trump seemed like a solution to a problem. We cannot expect people of color to lead us out of this. We can’t expect blame, attack, and criticism to magically make people less angry, scared, or confused. We get to tackle our own confusions about one another and find a way forward. Together.

Heavy, man!

That is not an invitation to naiveté. People’s lives, livelihoods, safety, and well-being are at stake. We must continue, as always, to take a stand against what is coming, to fight for and with people against the meanness that is upon us. We must continue, as always, to stand for what is best in us as people – helping rather than hindering, inclusion rather than division.

Ms. Hodges thinks she knows what is coming. I wish I could say the same.

The first order of business, however, is to grieve, to rage, to confess confusion, to shake with fear. Only when we let ourselves feel fully do we free our minds enough to think clearly about what is next. Then we get to remember that we have one another, we know how to organize, and we know how to stand up, dust off, and take the next step. Together.

Some would say it is a bit imprudent to advocate rage. Beyond that, what the heck is she talking about? I doubt that she has any idea. I certainly don’t.

This is how Minneapolis is strong. We come together. I believe in us.

I think she means we come together to elect her to another term. This woman is the mayor of a major American city, but her meltdown is one among many. To paraphrase John Lennon: you may say that she’s a moron, but she’s not the only one.