Upcoming Events

Now here’s some news you can use depending on where you live: I’ve got three public events over the next two weeks that I’d be delighted to see local Power Line readers attend if you have the time and inclination.


The view from my desk

First, for Bay Area residents, on Monday afternoon I’ll be part of an “Election Eve” panel discussion from 4 to 5 pm on campus at Berkeley, sponsored by my home base at UC Berkeley, the Institute of Governmental Studies. Fellow panelists include Thomas Mann of Brookings, Mark DiCamillo of the California Field Poll, and IGS director Jack Citrin. Here are the complete details; you should RSVP by the EventBrite link if you think you can come. Moses Hall, where the event will take place, is right smack in the middle of campus, very near the campanile, which I can gaze at out my office window these days (see nearby photo). I’ll have my own concluding thoughts on the election some time Monday, but I can tell you that if you come you’re likely to see me and Tom Mann tangle (nicely of course). We had a dry run Friday at a private lunch in downtown San Francisco. I pointed out that he breaks out in hives when he’s around Republicans.

Second, for my old Colorado Front Range friends, I’m making a return visit to Boulder the day after the election. I won’t be turning up in Boulder until the evening of Nov. 9 (assuming the airlines work properly), but plan on holding court for an informal and casual meetup in the back room of the Bohemian Biergarten on 13th Street, starting around 8:30 pm. They have great beer at the Biergarten, and we can either toast to the restoration of full Nixonian paranoia in the White House, or our retort to Italy’s Berlusconi and France’s Sarkozy. (Memo to France and Italy: You think you can elect flamboyant, out of the box chief executives? Watch this!) In any case, what would a gathering of conservatives be like if it isn’t held in the back of a darkened, middle European beer hall?

Then on Thursday, Nov. 10, I’ll be speaking at noon for the Federalist Society at the University of Colorado Law School (housed in the appropriately-named Wolf Hall) about the election. The title we picked for the talk when I booked is “Between a Crock and an Orange Place: An Analysis of the 2016 Presidential Elections.” That title should probably be changed to “Between a Crook and an Orange Place. . .” There will likely be a faculty member added to the program to provide a contrast/rebuttal to whatever I say.

I don’t know what room it will be held in just yet—it will depend in part on how many RSVPs there are—but Wolf Hall is fairly compact and the Federalist Society usually has good signage with directions near the various entrances. Bonus: Federalist Society lunch events always provide free lunch to all attendees! If you do want to come, please RSVP to Blake Herron, the Federalist Society coordinator, at: [email protected] 

Finally, for Washington DC area readers, on the morning of Tuesday, November 15, I’ve been working with the Hoover Institution to put together a small program on the idea of “conservative environmentalism,” based on my view that the environment is too important to leave to environmentalists, because they just make a mess of the whole thing. It will feature Sir Roger Scruton, who is over from the UK for a few days, giving a keynote lecture,  followed by a roundtable discussion that I shall moderate with a distinguished panel that we’re still adding people to. Here’s the Hoover announcement and details. Please RSVP through their site if you can come.


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