Another Pop Culture Dis of Political Correctness?

Further to yesterday’s post about how ABC’s “Last Man Standing” took direct aim at political correctness, I have stumbled across another promising example, CBS’s new comedy “The Great Indoors.” First of all, it stars Joel McHale, who was great in “Community,” and Stephen Fry. But its target appears to be coddled “snowflake” millennials. In fact, Fry uses the “snowflake” term to describe the foils for the show.

Apparently there is controversy about the show from millennials who find it offensive, naturally, though this may be a cynical attempt to generate viewers (think “New Coke” for sitcoms).

Here’s a trailer, and a short clip from one episode that disses the whole “diversity” protocol. This is a further sign that even liberal Hollywood can see that liberal political correctness is totally absurd:

Special bonus—more millennial smacking from Saturday Night Live:


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