Associated Press Uses Farrakhan to Smear Trump

What’s the over/under on when the Associated Press runs out of ways to smear Donald Trump? At the current rate of approximately two anti-Trump stories per day, it is hard to see how the AP can make it to the midterms without running out of new angles.

Then again, maybe I underestimate liberal ingenuity. Today the AP attacks Trump by reporting on Louis Farrakhan and the possible resurgence of the Nation of Islam:

It was the week after Donald Trump won the presidency. The result had delighted a new generation of white supremacists, and Farrakhan was analyzing the political landscape.

“The result had delighted a new generation of white supremacists.” I am so old, I can remember when the AP published news stories, and not half-baked liberal editorials.

After a presidential campaign that emboldened white identity politics…

More of the same.

…the Nation of Islam, a black separatist religious movement, is positioning itself as newly relevant.

Some would say that the Nation of Islam is newly relevant because one of its former leaders may become the Chairman of the Democratic National Committee. But–surprise!–the AP doesn’t pursue this angle.

[T]he Southern Poverty Law Center, which tracks extremism, has found black separatism growing alongside white supremacy, creating a more favorable environment for the Nation’s teachings.

The Southern Poverty Law Center is an extremist hate group. Any time you see it quoted, you know you are reading left-wing propaganda.

The AP notes that Louis Farrakhan is something of a Trump fan. I don’t think the Nation of Islam is a key source of Trump support, but the AP sees an analogy, and an opportunity for a smear:

For longtime Nation watchers, the praise held an echo of the 1960s, when then Nation leader Elijah Muhammad tried to make common cause with the American Nazi Party over their desire for whites and blacks to live separately.

Yes! Trump is just like the American Nazi Party, as the Nation of Islam recognizes.

Does the alleged resurgence of the Nation of Islam really mirror, in some fashion, the rise of Donald Trump? No. Not unless Louis Farrakhan gets elected president in 2020.


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