Donald Trump, Butterfly?

Many Republicans (like me) were unimpressed by Donald Trump during the primary season, got behind him once he won the nomination, and now are blown away by his appointments as president-elect. Paul wrote a great post about Trump’s nominations of successful people, businessmen and others, which may have inspired the Michael Ramirez cartoon below.

Michael’s web site reproduced Paul’s post as commentary on this cartoon, titled “Metamorphosis.” It sums up the way a lot of conservatives feel about Trump’s evolution from oddball candidate to president-elect. Click to enlarge:


A couple of days after the election, while guest hosting the Laura Ingraham radio show, I interviewed Steve Moore, who served as an economic adviser to Trump’s campaign. Steve was positively giddy: he was convinced that on the large majority of issues, free marketeers like himself and Larry Kudlow have Trump’s ear.

Today I attended a lunch sponsored by the Economic Club of Minnesota, which is run by several friends of mine. It was a big event, and Steve Moore was the speaker. What struck me was that Steve is just as excited about the prospects of a Trump presidency today as he was on November 9, if not more so. That is what a series of excellent appointments will do.


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