Freakout at Georgetown

An associate professor at Georgetown University has launched a string of attacks against Asra Nomani, a former Georgetown professor who is a Muslim and an immigrant. In various entries on Twitter and Facebook, the associate professor, C. Christine Fair, told the Muslim former prof to “f**k off” and “go to hell;” accused her of “pimping herself for media coverage;” attacked her for having no job, and thus needing Obamacare; and denied that she is a true Muslim.

Nomani eventually complained to Fair’s department chair. He forwarded the complaint to the head of Georgetown’s School of Foreign Service where the associate professor teaches.

And naturally, being solicitous of Muslim and immigrant sensibilities and opposed to hate speech directed at religious minorities and immigrants, Georgetown has, at a minimum, taken prompt action to make sure Fair discontinues her public attack on Nomani. Hasn’t it?

Actually, it hasn’t. According to this Daily Caller article by Katie Frates, Georgetown has taken no action to curb Fair’s attacks, and Fair has continued to launch them.

You see, Nomani supported Donald Trump in the November election, and Fair’s attack stem from a piece Nomani wrote for the Washington Post explaining her support for the president-elect.

I take no position here about whether Georgetown should try to rein in its vicious associate professor. The unhinged Fair does seem like a dubious choice to be teaching America’s future diplomats, but that’s Georgetown’s call.

My point is that there’s probably not a major university in America that would stand by while one of its professors spewed Fair’s kind of venom against a Muslim-American — venom that includes questioning the Muslim’s religious sincerity. Unless the target had strayed from left-liberal orthodoxy.

Having strayed, Nomani appears to be Fair game.