Notable & quotable: Backfire

Our own John Hinderaker is officially certified Notable & Quotable in today’s Wall Street Journal. The Journal’s eagle-eyed editors quote John’s Christmas Eve post:

Conservatives have been pretty universally delighted by President-elect Donald Trump’s appointments so far. . . . Pundits like me who worried that Trump wasn’t far enough to the right are looking silly.

But what happened? Trump has no track record as a conservative to speak of, and not many people change their politics at age 70. What has made Trump seemingly the Democratic Party’s worst nightmare? Was he a closet right-winger all along?

I don’t think so. My guess is that throughout the general election campaign and continuing to the present, Trump has been stunned by the insane outpouring of hatred against him and his family from the Left and the Democratic Party. . . .

My guess is that by the unprecedented, over-the-top vitriol they have unleashed against Trump and his family, the Democrats have made a bad situation—for them—worse.


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