Loose Ends (16)

Someone joked recently that Trump years are going to seem like dog years: he’s been in office only a bit more than three weeks, but it already seems like two years.

So there’s a lot to comment on, but time is short this week. So a couple of brief observations:

• Funny that the news media is suddenly reporting assiduously about Russian spy ships and “fishing trawlers” near our coastal waters. The media was never much interested in this common practice back during the Cold War. I wonder why they are so interested in reporting this just now? (That was a rhetorical question.)

• This chart is interesting:

NFIB index

Gee—What happened in late 2016 to make small business owners suddenly so much more optimistic? (That’s another rhetorical question.)

• However, there’s also this:


This probably reflects the political turmoil in DC, where the specifics of Obamacare reform, tax reform, and trade policy are up in the air.


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