Thoughts from the ammo line

Ammo Grrrll calls this one GENERAL STRIKE! A friend asks us to find an occasion to use the heading WHAT’S NEW, PUSSYHAT? I think this might have been it. Ammo Grrrll writes:

Well, the Great Pussy Hat Rally was considered such a roaring or mewing success that there are allegedly plans underway for a General Strike. Even though they floated the idea of calling it “A Day Without A Woman” – which, when I was growing up, was called A Deer Hunting Trip and welcomed by husbands and wives alike – it is not clear whether this is, once again, only for the ladies or if what passes for Lefty “men” will strike too.

I’m sure it will be quite the terrifying prospect what with all the lobster porn artists, the has-been singers and deranged actresses absent from work on that day. I understand Ashley Judd is working on yet another audition piece for the Anthony Perkins role in a feminist remake of “Psycho.”

In a General Strike by the left, the first question that is sure to arise is: who will notice?

First, thanks to demographics and the eight years of Obama, there are some 94.7 million Americans not in the work force at all. Then, you have the lazy, ignorant students, many already too old even to remain on Mommy and Daddy’s Obamacare. They don’t do any work to strike FROM. Then you have the Trust Fund Babies, the Soros-paid professional thugs, the layabout, porn-surfing, tax-dodging bureaucrats from all the government agencies, and the professors of Gender Studies, Evil White America Studies, and English Literature with no Shakespeare but lots of wretched feminist poets. And we Sane-Americans say as with one voice: Please strike. Generally. Forever. Who cares?

The second question will be: what are your demands? That we overturn the election? That Donald Trump “unsay” what he said eleven years ago? He has been President for a handful of weeks – why don’t you just wait and see how it all shakes out for a little while before you get your knickers in a twist? Ah, but that’s not who you are and who you’ve ever been, is it? You are the ones your mommies were waiting for to calm down, who 30 years ago were lying on the floor of Target kicking and screaming because you couldn’t have a(nother) overpriced toy. And facing a severe “Time Out” when you got home.

Do you have ANY idea how sick the rest of us are of you ninnies? Strike; don’t strike; call us names; say the President smashed the bust of MLK by beating it with a Confederate flag, we really no longer care. It’s not like the great Teamsters Strike in Minneapolis in 1934 where people could not get coal for a Minnesota winter, is it? Some urgency there to give in, pay the hard-working men the 42 cents an hour they were asking for, and get the men back to work.

These are the professionals whose work stoppage would inconvenience my life in even a minor way: the check-out clerks (Sylvia, Jeanette, Cheryl, Joyce) or stock boys (Dylan, Miguel, another Miguel) at my grocery stores; the wait staff at the 3 or 4 local restaurants I patronize; the cheerful young dudes at the carwash; the Range Officers at C2 Tactical Range. Movie stars, fashion designers, even hairdressers and nail salons have zero impact on my life here in the Dusty Little Village. I would hate to have my beloved and excellent housekeeper go on strike, but I am perfectly capable of cleaning my own house. I just prefer not to.

And even these minor inconveniences would be nothing if the “General Strike” lasted for a few days or even a few weeks. I have enough food, bottled water and toilet paper to last a long, long time (and so should you). I have a couple of nice classic dress-up outfits and enough cheap, basic geezer-wear to last till I expire (In Small, Medium, Larger Medium, and Oh, for God’s Sake How Did This Happen Again Sizes). I have enough ammo to ensure that no home invaders steal my toilet paper, clearly a capital crime. Last summer I used ONE tank of gas all summer; and unless my electricity or water or Internet were shut off, my life would go on quite happily no matter how “general” any strike.

And, finally, the striking fashion designers and movie stars and assistant associate vice president Diversity Drones at the Department of Education, colleges, and corporations will have to decide when they have “won” and are willing to return, victorious, to “work.” Hint: If we can’t tell the difference either way, whether you are at work or not at work, then you have not won. No matter how extensive and exuberant the coverage on MSNBC.

Let’s take, for one small example, the Department of Education (budget $68 Billion), without which tens of millions of American students somehow managed to be educated in America until 1979. Setting aside the low-level functionaries who simply type and collate the “intersectional” gibberish their bosses churn out, what in God’s name do these 4,400 people DO all day? They don’t TEACH, of course. They don’t EDUCATE. So, if your job is making sure that there are no “disparate outcomes,” that all students get the same grades whether or not they study, do homework, disrupt class, or pass tests, once the working teachers turn in their grades by race and sex each grading period, what do you do for the next 3 months? Not even to mention what do you do in the SUMMER?

But back to the pending General Strike: May I encourage IRS Agents, cold call or “courtesy call” intruders (Suppertime Division), scam artists, rappers, loud-mouth harridans of The View, insurance salesmen, bogus survey takers, Madison Avenue account execs who make Super Bowl commercials, Planned Parenthood abortionists, CNN airheads polluting the airwaves in airports, to PLEASE strike. The entire month of April would be a very good time. I’m with you all the way.


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