A Day Without Women Is Like a Fish With a Bicycle, Or Something

Like John I was also amused about today’s “Day Without Women,” and had to do my best to refrain from all of the bad jokes (and also good jokes) that came to mind as I made my daily rounds on campus at Berkeley. Especially the late afternoon protest against “rape culture” out front of Sproul Plaza featuring a wide-bodied topless female student with a paper bag over her head adorned with some of the usual slogans about “objectification.”

NO! Are you kidding? I wasn’t about to snap a dumb pic on my smart phone. Instead I just took note today of the Unitarians visiting campus:


They did make it hard to resist some of the usual sexist jokes. Like the ones about math, when you see things like this:

Women Birth

I’m wondering what explanation Nelini Stamp will give for where the other half of the population comes from.

John offers some good pics of truly empowered women, but the occasion offers further opportunities. Like:

Woman's DFay

Day wirthout liberal women

Meanwhile, the most interesting gender news is the experiment some talented actors recently conducted where Trump and Clinton were switched out, and whaddyaknow, people really disliked the Clinton content and style just as much as when it came from a man, showing that sexism doesn’t explain Clinton’s loss, any more than America’s rampant racism explained Obama’s defeats at the polls. (Oh, wait. . .)

Here’s a short two-minute clip from the rehearsal of this exercise, and these two actors are really good:

The dimensions of Hillary’s failure is further underlined by a new study just out from the Wesleyan Media Project, which analyzed and compared Clinton and Trump with previous election cycles. The most interesting finding is displayed in the chart below, namely, that more than any other recent candidate, Clinton’s advertising heavily emphasized her personal characteristics over her policy ideas. In other words, her campaign really did operate under the delusion that voters could be made to like Hillary Clinton.

Let that sink in for a while. Help yourself to a shot of whiskey if necessary.

Wesleyan Chart

And finally. . . how about some more empowered women for midweek, in celebration of International Women’s Day!

Women's Day



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