Fake Entertainment News From the NY Times and Associated Press

The New York Times devotes a long article, with video clips, to last night’s Saturday Night Live show. It appears that the entire program was devoted to attacking President Trump, or members of his administration or family.

The opening sequence portrayed Trump as a coward. There is an alien invasion:

Mr. Baldwin … began by asking, “Who here loves Trump?”

“I know this guy over here, he loves Trump,” he said, pointing at what turned out to be a charred corpse.


The actress Scarlett Johansson did a mock perfume commercial that attacked Ivanka Trump. (“A final voice-over for Complicit described it as ‘the fragrance for the woman who could stop all this, but won’t.’”) These guys are a barrel of laughs.

SNL also had a woman playing Attorney General Jeff Sessions in a segment that depicted Sessions as a Southern cracker and a liar. He was seated next to Weird Al Franken, who was portrayed as a voice of reason.

As Mr. Sessions, Ms. McKinnon said, “People don’t realize this, but Al and I are actually great friends.” In the past, she said, she took him white-water rafting, and, in return, “Al showed me Jew stuff.”

This is supposed to be a comedy show, right? If the Times account is accurate, there doesn’t appear to have been a single amusing moment.

The Associated Press considers Saturday Night Live to be newsworthy, too. It focused on the program’s smearing of Ivanka Trump:

The biting humor of “Saturday Night Live” took aim at another Trump this week — first daughter Ivanka.

The long-standing comedy show skewered President Donald Trump’s elder daughter with a faux perfume ad, starring actress Scarlett Johansson. The name of the perfume? Complicit.

So why is a bad Democratic Party comedy show, which has attacked Republicans in the same boring way for 40 years, taken seriously as news? That isn’t hard to figure out. The Times and the AP would like to engage in the same vicious smears that the “comedians” of Saturday Night Live do, but they have to maintain some pretense of being news outlets rather than propaganda machines. The solution? Enthusiastic coverage of the left-wing “comedy” show with blow-by-blow repetition of its pro-Democratic Party smears.

That may or may not be effective–I can hardly believe that it is–but it certainly isn’t news, except of the fake variety.