House Votes to Repeal and Replace Obamacare; Democrats Lose Big and Spin Furiously [Updated]

Today House Republicans passed an Obamacare repeal and replacement bill that was considerably improved over the one that failed some weeks ago. CNN’s report on the vote, true to form, featured an interview with Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy by a hostile reporter whose questions were along the lines of, “Do you think Republicans will pay a terrible price when voters learn sick people are thrown out in the streets?” McCarthy explained patiently.

That was followed by David Axelrod giving his left-wing spin on the horrors of the Republican bill, especially for those with preexisting conditions (never mind that Obamacare is circling the drain and millions of Americans live in areas where there is only one insurance carrier).

After Axelrod, CNN cut away to Nancy Pelosi. Pelosi explained that the GOP bill consists entirely of tax cuts for the richest Americans at the expense of poor, sick people who probably will die now, especially the ones with preexisting conditions.

Actually, the GOP proposal does a far better job of protecting people with preexisting conditions than does Obamacare. If you care about preexisting conditions, you should enthusiastically support the House GOP’s legislation. My American Experiment colleague Peter Nelson explains why in considerable technical detail here.

But CNN reporters, Democratic Party consultants and Democrat office-holders can’t be expected to understand complex policy issues. Instead of taking the time to understand what the GOP bill would do, they recite ignorant talking points that, one assumes, come from the Democratic National Committee.

UPDATE: Peter Nelson has more: Republicans take critical first step to protect health insurance coverage for millions. Tom Steward adds: $1 Trillion in Obamacare Taxes Eliminated by House Action.