Rep. Scalise shot in Alexandria

A man with a rifle went on a shooting spree targeting Republicans practicing in Alexandria for the upcoming Congressional Baseball Game. House Majority Whip Steve Scalise was wounded in the attack. He is at last report in surgery. Members of Rep. Scalise’s security detail were apparently also shot, as well as others including a staffer. Both Politico and CNN have reports with quotes from congressmen on the scene. Below is the statement issued by Rep. Scalia.

According to Senator Paul, the shooting spree would have turned into a massacre were it not for Capitol Police. “Nobody would have survived without the Capitol Hill police,” Paul said on CNN. “He was just killing everyone — he would’ve. It would have been a massacre.” We are most fortunate that a massacre was averted.

The shooter himself was reportedly wounded by Capitol Hill police as they returned fire. He is said to be in the hospital.

The photo reportedly showing Democratic congressmen praying for their Republican colleagues and other victims of the shooting is all over Twitter — a grace note in this horrible crime.