The threat of the mob

We are awash in the spirit of the mob and mob violence. It feels something like the defining feature of the present moment. The true home of such mob violence is on the left and embodied, for example in the forces of Antifa. These forces have been abetted and indulged by authorities on the left. We need to plant a flag of principled resistance.

The spirit of the mob permeates cable news on CNN and MSNBC with its nonstop antiTrump hysteria. It can be seen, for example, in the sympathetic treatment accorded Antifa by Chuck Todd in a recent segment of his MTP Daily show on MSNBC. See the NewsBuster report “Really Chuck? MSNBC’s Todd aids in promotion of Antifa violence.”

Abraham Lincoln’s Lyceum Address of 1838 addressed the threat of the mob to the perpetuation of our political institutions. Everything about Lincoln’s speech feels of the present moment.

Lincoln prescribed the inculcation of reverence for the Constitution and the laws to counter the lawlessness of the mob. While not the answer to our present discontents, we cannot find the answer without it. To resist the spirit of the mob we yearn for leadership to advocate and insist on adherence to the Constitution and the laws.


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