There’s something about Al

As a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Minnesota Senator Al Franken was accorded time to question Attorney General Jeff Sessions during his regularly scheduled appearance before the committee yesterday. Riding his old hobby horse(s), Franken read a long statement implying that Sessions perjured himself in a colloquy with Franken during Sessions’s confirmation hearing.

According to Franken, Sessions was lying when he denied having conversations with Russians. By Franken’s dim lights, Sessions was instrumental to the Trump campaign’s fictitious collusion with Russia. According to me, Franken is the unfunniest senator. (Google “the unfunniest senator”!) This is nevertheless farcical.

Franken specializes in the absurd ambush, but Sessions came prepared for Franken. I think a fair-minded observer would find that Sessions destroyed Franken in this exchange. The Free Beacon’s Kaitlyn Caralle covered the exchange and posted the companion video below. CNN covered it here; FOX News covered it here. Watch the baloney meet the grinder.


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