AP Asks: Who Can Stop Trump From Dropping the Bomb?

It must be tough when you have to come up with a new way of smearing President Trump every day, but the editors and reporters of the Associated Press are up to the task. Today’s headline: “Could anyone stop Trump from launching nukes? The answer: No.” Because, of course, Trump is such a lunatic that he might unleash nuclear weapons at any moment, for no particular reason.

Here’s a question rarely raised before Donald Trump ran for the White House: If the president ordered a pre-emptive nuclear strike, could anyone stop him?

Why, exactly, was that question “rarely raised before Donald Trump ran for the White House”? The AP certainly didn’t raise it. The news agency, like all other liberal press organs, was perfectly satisfied with the fact that Barack Obama could launch nuclear missiles, and no one could stop him. Suddenly, with Donald Trump in the White House, the president’s powers as commander in chief are a problem.

The answer is no.

Not the Congress. Not his secretary of defense. And by design, not the military officers who would be duty-bound to execute the order.

The AP doesn’t go quite as far as some liberal commentators who have urged military officers to carry out a coup to remove President Trump from office. But its reporters pretty clearly think it would be a good thing if someone–generals, Congress, you name it–would usurp some of the powers that every other president has enjoyed.


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