Bottom, er, Story of the Day

Every time I hear some liberal say they wish Twitter would close down President Trump’s Twitter account, I ask, “Why would they want to do him such a big favor?” (Of course, I know Trump uses his Tweets to great—as well as not so great—effect, but given how crazy it drives libs I like to confuse them with misdirection as often as I can.)

Well lo and behold:

Twitter employee deactivated Trump’s account on last day at work

President Trump’s Twitter account went dark for a short time on Thursday evening when an employee “deactivated” the account on that person’s last day of work.

Twitter had originally said the account for @realdonaldtrump was “inadvertently deactivated” just before 7 p.m. in what the company described as “human error” by an employee.

“Human error” my posterior! Though this does raise an interesting question: If a Twitter employee can shut down Trump’s account, what else might a Twitter employee be able to do? If Trump has used the direct-message feature on Twitter, can Twitter access those? Could a rogue employee on Twitter send out a fake Trump Tweet, like “We begin bombing Pyongyang in five minutes”?

But is is not the real bottom story of the day. The real bottom story of the day involves actual bottoms. New York city strippers are going on strike. Yes, you read that right: NYC strippers strike: Dancers say nearly naked ‘bottle girls’ are grabbing their cash, cite racism. Looks like the Democratic Party will have another victim group to add to the list.

The best part of this story is this detail:

Panama is a stage name and she declined to provide her real name. She is for real, though, said Mona Marie, the owner of a New York dance studio where many dancers train called Poletic Justice. And, she says, so are their mounting grievances, so much so that some of them have declared a stripper’s strike. It’s unclear how many dancers are participating and what the impact on the clubs has been. The strike is about a week old.

C’mon—”Poletic Justice”?? Not even Peter deVries could come up with this.

Now, with all the news that one of the imminent innovations of the robotics revolution will be sexbots, is this really the best time for strippers to go on strike? They might ask all of the unemployed teenagers how the mandated higher minimum wage is working out.

It’s days like this I really miss Jay Comeau.


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