Breaking: Explosion at Port Authority

Via Twitter I’m trying to follow the news of an explosion at the New York Port Authority this morning. The New York Post has just posted Yaron Steinbuch’s story reporting: “Several people were injured Monday morning when a device exploded at the Port Authority bus terminal on 42nd Street, according to law enforcement sources. One person is in custody after his device partially detonated inside a tunnel, sources told The Post.”

This is a breaking news story. Early reports are often misleading or erroneous; treat them with caution. I am posting this note so that interested readers can check in to their favorite news sources through the day. The Post’s Twitter feed is here.

UPDATE: As of 9:00 a.m. (Eastern), it is reported that the only injury was to the would-be bomber.

UPDATE 2: As of noon (Eastern), three others have been treated for minor injuries.


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