Bubba Time at the Times

New York Times readers are outraged. . .  Well yeah, I suppose I can quit right here, call it a day and start in on cocktails early. Outrage is the perpetual state of being for Times readers. Anyway, Times readers are outraged at the profile that ran recently of a white nationalist because it “normalized” him, instead of being just another op-ed denunciation of a Trump voter. As the Times notes in a follow up addition to the online version of the article, “This article has drawn significant feedback, most of it sharply critical.” Indeed.

Well yesterday it appears another white nationalist snuck into the Times op-ed page itself, with an article that contained this provocation:

All too often, tribalism based on race, religion, sexual identity and place of birth has replaced inclusive nationalism, in which you can be proud of your tribe and still embrace the larger American community.

And who was this egregious offender against the foundations of leftist identity politics who  dares to “normalize” nationalism?

An old fellow named Bill Clinton.

Looks like Bubba is back to his old fondness for three-ways, er, . . . I mean, triangulation. Doesn’t he know that you’re not allowed to say things like this, or express pride in the “larger American community”?

My theory is that as the walls are starting to close in around Bubba for his long-ago misdeeds, he’s getting ready to become a Republican. Either that or Hillary is finally about to divorce him. The left already disliked Clinton for his “neoliberalism” (some other time I’ll walk through this peculiar tic of the academic left), he’s got no place else to go.