GOP Senators unanimous in support for tax bill

So reports Jibran Khan at NRO’s Corner. Senators Rubio and Scott have fallen into line, having secured an increase in the child tax credit refund. No surprise there.

But here’s a surprise, at least to me. Senator Corker says he will vote for the bill, notwithstanding his concern that it will increase the deficit. He opposed the version initially passed by the Senate due to that concern.

Corker called the new version “imperfect,” but explained that it presents a “once in a lifetime opportunity to make U.S. businesses domestically more productive and internationally more competitive.” He added that he believes the bill, in conjunction with regulatory changes that are underway and, hopefully, pro-growth trade and immigration policies, will help offset problems on the deficit side and “drive additional foreign direct investment in Tennessee.” Thus, he concludes that, on balance, the nation is better off with the bill than without it.

The reference to pro-growth trade and immigration policies is a shot at the president, but Trump shouldn’t mind. Assuming that no one changes his or her mind, the GOP has the votes to pass the bill even if both Sen. McCain and Sen. Cochran are unable to vote due to medical issues.